I'm Thomas LaVine. I'm a singer/songwriter from South Carolina, who strangely enough was brought up listening to metal bands and somehow shifted into a very mellow songwriting style. I write songs that completely come from my heart, and hopefully you will feel very at home listening to them. 

I've always had a soft spot for songs written by people who wear their heart on their sleeve, but still present a tune that captures you that you can relate to. I try not to think to hard about that, but I know that I think about artists I've listened to that have become a part of who I am because I was listening to them a road trip, or hanging out with friends, or spending time in a park. I want to create music like that - that you can attach your fondest memories to, and every time you hear "Hummingbirds" or "In Love Forever" it takes you right back to that space.

I am always working hard writing and listening. I want so much for you to be a part of this, to allow me to grow and change and watch my music reflect that. Listen to my new album "Of My Memories" on Spotify/iTunes/Amazon, etc. and check out my facebook/instagram accounts to see all the featured content! I hope to see you soon!