Born in Brandon, Florida and raised in the small town of Blacksburg, South Carolina, Thomas LaVine blends the organic textures of his indie folk roots with ethereal nuances. LaVine is a producer and songwriter who creates music in a tool shed he converted into a home studio. He is at heart a minimalist, even while building vast soundscapes to get lost in as one would a lush forest on a warm evening just as the sun sets. 
LaVine is a songwriter who uses captivating metaphors to convey emotionally honest ideas about love, existence, and connection to a place, memory, and nature. Known to be abstract, LaVine likes to treat songwriting like a canvas on which to paint with many colors. 


The US based musician and songwriter sounds like the crackle of a fire; a tenderly mellow combination of lush vocals and sleepy guitars. Crafting almost spiritual landscapes, his songs create peaceful spaces for introspection. His music brings together wavy synths, delicate melodies and warm acoustics to form relaxing and alluring melancholic ambiences.


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Heartfelt and honest storytelling is at the forefront of LaVine's folk rooted sound ” - Karla Harris

When The Horn Blows